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Look Ma, No Warehouse! How Our Drivers Deliver From Farm To Table In 12 Hours

Now that we’ve introduced our vegetable and fish farmers, we need to think about how fresh produce turn up at your door! Obviously, that’s the job of our delivery drivers.

You may know this already, but we don’t have a warehouse full of stock waiting for your purchase. Instead it is down to our delivery drivers to pick up your orders directly from our partner farmers and importers every morning. By mid-morning, all our drivers meet up and begin the complex and manual process of sorting all the items into your individual orders. This takes a bit of time and obviously we can’t have fresh groceries rotting away at this point! That’s why we have access to cold storage where your chilled and frozen items are temporarily kept during the sorting.

Sorting also gives us the chance to quickly inspect your items one last time before delivery, although we expect our vendors to have conducted thorough inspecting earlier on. Depending on what items you’ve purchased and what delivery method you’ve selected, orders go into baskets or cool boxes to make sure they stay at appropriate temperatures, so relax if you’ve asked for your order to be left at your doorstep!

With sorting completed, our drivers load up their vans and begin their afternoon of delivery. With 2-hour delivery slots available between 1-7PM every business day, our drivers follow carefully planned routes to arrive at the time you requested. What’s next? After our 8PM cut-off for next-day delivery, drivers plan their routes and then get ready for another day of collecting, sorting and delivering the next day!

There  just wouldn’t be Jou Sun without our drivers! Find out more about how we deliver Farm Fresh Groceries here!

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