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The Farmer With A Master’s Degree: Introducing Jou Sun’s Vegetable Farmers

It is no surprise that most of Hong Kong’s fruits and vegetables are imported, but what this means is consumers struggle to understand local crop seasons, characteristics, and farming challenges. This also means that the hard work put in by HK farmers often go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Jou Sun’s carefully selected partner vegetable farmers are not your average farmers, they genuinely care about local produce and the Hong Kong farming scene, and have the life stories to back that up!

Unlike many farmers in Hong Kong who nowadays live away from their lands, the farmers at Moon Kee in Ping Che continue to lead very simple lives living on their organic farm, with their livelihoods relying on their hard work in the field. And they don’t just farm to sell, they’re farming to feed themselves too. Such dedication to farming translates to quality produce that’s grown with care, expertise and passion.

A contrasting character also supplies fresh fruits and vegetables to Jou Sun. Alfred of Urbanature has a Master’s degree in environmental management and hosts talks about low carbon living in his spare time. Driven by his passion for the natural environment, he started his organic farm two years ago, and now grows over thirty varieties of quality produce. A far cry from his previous environmental consultancy job, but his farm is certainly going strong.

We believe in the Farm Fresh difference that you get when purchasing directly from responsible local farmers. Not only will you eat fresher, you’ll be contributing to the local farming industry too! You can support the hard work and dedication of our vegetable farmers by purchasing through their respective stores on Jou Sun.


Visit Moon Kee (Under the Ping Che Station store): http://bit.ly/2IRYyeo

Visit Urbanature: http://bit.ly/2IWVbCZ

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