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Behind The Scene of The Michelin-starred Importer: Waves Pacific

Jason Lo is the Managing Director of Waves Pacific. A top purveyor of meats for top michelin-starred chefs in Hong Kong. Here is his story.

At a routine dinner meeting with one of his restauranter clients, Jason was getting into the details of their business partnership. All of a sudden, an oyster came flying through the air and whizzed by his head. “This oyster is bad,” yelled his client. Startled, Jason took on his first lesson on how particular chefs are with product quality. Instead of being intimidated by this  oyster encounter, he became one of the best gourmet meat and fine goods suppliers. (And of course, this client is now ordering meats from him too!)

“It is no easy task to source ingredients for star chefs, as [they] will be prepared and served to foodies and customers who have high expectations for the chefs’ signature dishes”. Knowing his significant role as an importer who fundamentally affects the chef’s reputation and foodies’ dining experience, Jason sources solely from the highest caliber of suppliers: “the good quality products tend to ethically raised, tend to use no hormones or antibiotics and produced by small producers, because it is hard to produce exceptional quality products with factory farming”.   

As a US corporate accountant, Jason spent a year in Australia to learn the tricks of the trade. He has a simple sourcing philosophy: “We do not source items because we need another line of products, but because we genuinely like the products”. Jason believes in the importance of visiting each farm before he sources from  them, and often hosts the farmers when they come visit Hong Kong. He believes that the key to knowing whether a product is good in quality or not hinges on “where” it comes from, and “who” produced it.

In addition, Jason also stresses on the importance of consistency in taste and texture. Good suppliers should not only be able to produce high quality meats with good taste and texture, but also be able to maintain its consistency.  

💡 Why is a meat importer named Waves Pacific?

Yup, Waves Pacific started by importing Kingfish from Australia to Hong Kong. After meeting a premium Wagyu Beef supplier, they gradually shifted to a meat-oriented company. And just so you know, Jason is more of a meat eater too. 

Visit Waves Pacific: https://goo.gl/NnVqpc

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