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Eat Your Vegetables Right – Raw

Do you know that for some vegetables, it is better to be eaten raw than cooked? Because food-processing may take away the nutrients or even increase the calories content! 🤔

Eat these vegetables like snacks!

  1. Bell Pepper

Juicy, sweet and colorful. These bell peppers with vivid colors 🌈 will delight you when you eat them raw. Packed with tons of vitamin C that breaks down when cooked above 190 °C and other nutrients, bell pepper can power up your immune system 💪 and nervous system with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits.

  1. Cucumber

Crisp and juicy. Cucumber is the kind of veggies you will naturally give a bite when you see it under the scorching heat☀️. As you know, water 💧 makes up 90% of a cucumber’s weight, cooking the cucumber will dilute or wash away its nutrient, especially the water-soluble vitamins and minerals. Recharge  yourself with a cucumber salad or juice.


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