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Apple, one of our all-time favorites for snack and salad. Rich in vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants, apple is, in no doubt, the delicious and “nutritional powerhouse” with low calories. But with all the different varieties of apples, from Gala apple to Rubigold apple, do you know how they differ?

Red Delicious apple

  • As the world’s most loved apple, these shiningly bright red apples are renowned for its crunchiness and mildly sweet flavor. Add a crunch to your spinach-apple salad with Red Delicious.

Gala apples

  • Enjoy a crisp bite of its well-balanced sweetness and juiciness. More than just a perfect on-the-go snack, this aromatic Gala apple is also good for making juice and baking.

Juliet Apple

  • Blossomed out of France, this organic Juliet apple stands out with its smooth and shiny skin. Its crisp texture, juicy flesh and full flavor makes it an all-around apple for cooking and baking.

RubiGold Apple

  • Gold in these RubiGold Apples. With the higher concentration of antioxidant Quercetin, it has anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties. Also, its resistance to browning, crisp sweet flavor and juicy flesh make it a perfect for salads and cheese pairings. Take a bite and enjoy the delicious burst of Tasmanian freshness.

Green apples

  • Distinctively green in color. Crunchy and deliciously tart. Green apple is your go-to apple variety for all your favorite apple recipes, adding a refreshing citrus note to your dish.

Rockit apple

  • Rock your health with Rockit apple. Fantastically crunchy and sweet, this miniature apple is specifically bred to offer you a healthy snack choice. Your kids will definitely ask for this cute apple in their snack time.

Orin apple

  • Bask in the sweet blush of Orin Apple. This apple is sweet and aromatic, with hints of pineapple and pear. No wonder this Orin apple originated from Japan is very popular in Hong Kong. What’s more, this apple is ideal for baking, eating fresh, and serving alongside strong cheese – basically, ideal for everything!


Get your apples now! After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?

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