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Cool Off with Summer Salad

The Base: Your Favorite Greens 
An organic taste of farm freshness. With 3 – 4 types of salad veggies, from rocket to lettuce, this salad mix is a classic that goes great with all toppings and dressings. Add a crunchy and refreshing summer touch to your salad with this Japanese Cucumber.

What to Top Your Salad With? 
Protein overload. Shake up your salad with this Rosemary Pepita Crisp Seed Mix which adds loads of proteins, vitamins and minerals to your greens. Crunchy, savoury and oh-so-slightly sweet. And don’t forget to add some smoked salmon for a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acid.

The Perfect Finish – A Drizzle of Vinegar
Aromatic and fresh! Amp up the summer deliciousness with this vinegar made with fresh blackcurrant pulp. Or you can spice up your summer salad with this fairly mild Espelette Pepper Vinegar from France.

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