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Nightcaps from New Local Brewery

Heroes Beers: Rising Star in Craft Beer Industry
Stay ahead of the craft beer trend without leaving your bedroom! Yes, Forbes has named 2017 the Year of Lager! If you are an adventurous beer drinker, Heroes Beer‘s distinctive flavors will win you over.
P.SSS They JUST launched the dark chocolate and nutty aroma Milffee Porter – turning coffee and porter into best friends.

Healthy Mornings with Pura Vida

Artisanal Overnight Oats in a Jar!
Pura Vida, Pure Life in Spanish, was founded in 2014 with the intention of providing healthy, convenient and nutritious snacks and treats delivered straight to your door. This brand came about through passion for cooking, fitness and pure enjoyment for sharing our food with others. Their heavenly overnight oats are now available in store!
Cereusly +50dB IPA (HK) 
It’s a crisp, dry and aromatic American IPA created with the theme of nature and music. With the use of new 2016 hop varieties Loral and Ekuanot, Cereusly gives out strong grapefruit, mango, tropical fruit, floral, and grassy aroma.
Make your barbecue unforgettable by pairing these beers with the best selection of meat and sauces!
Pure goodness in a jar! 
Could you believe these overnight oats taste better than your ice cream? These delicious nutrient powerhouses are perfect for breakfast, mid-day snack or meal replacement. Each flavour has a perfect balance of protein, fibers, vitamins and other minerals. The NÖCHE Super Saver is great for tasting – pick your favourites or let the team surprise you! 😉

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