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Saang Gwo Bo, which literally means Fruit Gem in Cantonese, is a fruit store in Wan Chai. It was founded in the 50s, not until in late 70s did the couple’s daughter, Ginger (Jaan-Jeh) took over. Before settling in its current location, the store has experienced multiple relocations within the district in the past decades, from hawker stall to Wan Chai temporary market. ‘There were only around ten types of fruits available in store when my parents started it long ago, now we have two to three times more, it just grows with time.’ Ginger were telling me the story of her store while serving customers. ‘I arrive at Sai Wan Wholesale Fruit Market every morning at 5 in the morning, 365 days in a year. Our scale is incomparable to that of giant supermarkets, yet we could better ensure the quality and know the source of our products.’

Fruits are not the only products available, customers also come for salted duck eggs. Ginger’s family friends from the same hometown had been supplying homemade salted duck eggs since Ginger’s parents started the store in the 50s. ‘The way different stores display their products without caring too much about the boundaries was the best demonstration of mutual understanding, help and respect within the community.’ Ginger continued. ‘I am willing to pick the fruits for my customers only when they have full confidence in my experience. (Their)Trust means a lot to me.’

Despite the change of time, places, people and many more, the earnestness and perseverance of the store keeper remain the same.

生菓寶於五十年代初開業,至七九年將生意交由兒女打理。半個世紀經經歷過幾次搬遷,由最初的排檔,到九十年代遷到臨時街市,再於近年落腳於新灣仔街市。 「以前我們只賣十多款水果,做生意要與時並進,現在比以前多二十多款水果了。」 珍姐一邊忙著招呼客人一邊說。 「每天清晨五時我們就準時到西環果攤入貨,風雨不改。我們的規模雖然不能跟超級市場相比,但勝在更能確保貨品質素和貨源。」 站在店前,林林總總的鮮果盡入眼簾,與別不同的是這裡可以買得到靚鹹蛋。細問之下,這些鹹蛋是珍姐父母鄉下的朋友自開業以來一直供應,幾十年不變。 「回想起在臨時街市的時候那份社區的互助互信,店主會互相遷就、善用空間,讓大家也能有足夠位置展示貨品。」 珍姐感嘆道。「如果有客人來到請我代選靚果,也要抱有一顆信任的心,相信我的經驗。」 經營水果店超過四份之一個世紀,少一分堅持也不能做得到。


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