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Denise, founder of Food for Life opened the first store in 2009, a place where everyone can find foods that do not only taste good but are also safe, and healing. As a nutritionist and vegetarian, Denise is extremely aware of what we choose to put in our bodies in the time of abundance. ‘It is not only the calories you should look at when you read the labels but the sugar content. Refined sugar is always the top three on the ingredients list of supermarket chocolates,’ said Denise as she took out a box of Pana Chocolate from the fridge which has no refined sugar or any preservatives in it. ‘I tried every product here, and I am quite scrupulous in what comes into the shop.’ In pursuance of sharing the joy of having a healthy body and mind, she travels all the way to meet manufacturers around the world, and does first-hand research in factories for detailed lab reports to ensure this is the product she is looking for.

於2009年開業的Food for Life是一間提供優質及治癒系食品的小店。店主Denise本身是一位註冊營養師和素食者,對身體日常吸收的物質及營養非常熟悉。「閱讀營養標簽及食物成份的時侯,不應該只著重卡路里,而是當中所含有的糖份比例。以琳琅滿目的超市朱古力為例,(精制)糖必定是成份列表中的頭三位。」 Denise邊說邊從冰箱拿出 Pana 朱古力,成份沒有精制糖或任何防腐劑。「店內的所有產品我都親身試過,每一樣貨品都經過嚴選。」店主會親身飛到世界各地與生產商會面交流,到訪廠房了解製造過程和使用的食材,務求將最好的帶到店內跟大家分享,提供更多選擇。

Shop : https://goo.gl/snm3B1

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