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五月割價🛒買滿$300免運費🚚 May Special Offer🛒Buy $300 to enjoy FREE DELIVERY🚚

全單買滿$300免運費!!!!😍 由即日起至5月31日,新舊客戶可全單買滿$300免運費!(原價$500) 早晨為您提供超過9000種最優質嘅食材,話咁易就買滿$300享受免運費!🛒   FREE DELIVERY for orders above $300!!!!😍 Starting from today to May 31, all customers can enjoy FREE DELIVERY for orders above $300!(Original price: $500) Jou Sun

早晨家禽節自取點免運費優惠 Jou Sun Poultry Festival Redemption Point Free Delivery Offer

客人必須於2021年3月21日至2021年3月31日購買 自取點貨品 方可享有免運費優惠,亦沒有最低消費。 Customer must purchase Redemption Point products from 2021-03-21 – 2021-03-31 in order to enjoy FREE delivery offer, with no minimum purchase. 自取點貨品包括: Redemption Point products include: 平原雞 

早晨復活節尋蛋之旅!Easter Egg Hunt on Jou Sun!

  小貼士 Tips 彩蛋產品將會出現於不同貨品種類!例如新鮮蔬菜、家禽、麵包凍櫃及蛋、零食等等! Easter Egg products are in different product categories! Including fresh vegetables, poultry, bakery, deli & eggs, snacks, and more! *留意:即使每件彩蛋產品購買多於一件,您只會獲得一張HK$10優惠券。 *Warm reminder: Only 1 coupon will be

3月額外優惠! March Special Extra Offer!

三月份^完成三張$500訂單* 四月即賞您一張「買$1088減$98」優惠券#! Complete 3 $500 orders* in March^ to get one coupon# (Buy $1,088 to get $98 off) in April! ^三張訂單必須於2021年3月1日至3月31日完成。 ^The 3 orders must be placed between 2021-03-01 –

10月13至14日颱風送貨安排:最新消息 | 13-14 Oct 2020 LATEST TYPHOON LOGISTICS UPDATES

Since the Gale or Storm Signal No. 8 has remained until 12 noon today (13 Oct), please find the following delivery arrangement for deliveries on 13 Oct (Tues) and 14 Oct

煙燻茶香平原雞食譜 Tea Smoked Ping Yuen Chicken Recipe

【中西名廚及美食家之選】煙燻茶香「平原雞」食譜 [Top Chef’s Choice] Tea Smoked Ping Yuen Chicken Recipe

百分百本地飼養的平原雞,油脂分佈極佳,皮香肉甜,烹調後色澤金黃、雞味濃郁,深受香港一眾中西名廚及美食家喜愛,包括米芝蓮一星ZEST的日本星級名廚Mitsuru Konishi、香港文華酒店星級名廚Robin Zavou以及Neighbourhood(亞洲50最佳餐廳)行政總廚David Lai。 100% locally breed Ping Yuen Chicken has perfectly balanced fat deposition. The chicken has a signature golden-yellow skin with incredible flavour after cooking. It is the

早晨最新倉庫物流流程 Jou Sun's Enhanced Operation Flow

早晨最新倉庫物流流程 Jou Sun’s Enhanced Operation Flow

早晨一直致力為您提供最新鮮的食品,我們的物流團隊不斷進步,希望為客人提供更好的服務。所以接下來我們將會有更新的流程,確保食品保鮮。 Jou Sun is always striving to provide the freshest products to our customers. We are constantly doing our best to improve, in order to provide you with better services.

更新送貨時段,全新截單時間 Delivery Time Slot & Order Cut-off Time Changes

更新送貨時段,全新截單時間! Delivery Time Slot & Order Cut-off Time Changes

為提供更穩定的送貨服務,由2020年9月19日開始,早晨的送貨服務將有以下調整: To provide more reliable service, staring 19 Sept 2020, Jou Sun’s delivery service will have the below changes:   送貨時段將改為星期二至六 早上10時至下午3時 (公眾假期除外)。 *實際送貨時段將按地區而定,您可以在訂單確認電郵及帳戶內的「訂單記錄」查閱。(*送貨當日沒有短訊通知) Delivery service will be provided every

早晨與你在家抗疫,疫情期間送貨安排!Stay home with you, Jou Sun Delivery during COVID-19!

在艱難的抗疫時期,每人都要盡責,做好抗疫。當大家都盡量留在家中的時候,使用網上買餸服務的人數亦有驚人的增長。早晨團隊能夠在這方面支持大家而感到自豪。同時,我們亦正在面對新挑戰,並需要實行新措施,希望能夠在此跟大家作出通知。 In these trying times, everyone has a part to play in helping to stop the spread of Covid-19. A record number of customers have turned to online grocery services